Helping Businesses Increase Profits - Helping Non-Profits Increase Contributions

Helping Businesses Increase Profits - Helping Non-Profits Increase Contributions


Your Business Will SAVE Money & IMPACT the Non Profit Organization of Your Choice


When the LGFgroup decided to really put their money where their values are and started their SAVE & IMPACT program, Lorna had no idea where this could lead. The concept was simple: just offer an ADDITIONAL 10% of clients’ billings to the non profit of her client’s choice AND ensure that the givings are tax receipted. Lorna’s clients love it!

Lorna is proud of the work her Save & Impact Program delivers and works with non profit organizations such as Hope’s Eating Disorder Support.

Cynthia O’Neill, Interim Executive Director writes:

 …we often work with Lorna to identify businesses with which Hope’s Eating Disorders Support has a relationship. To date, the funds we have received from the SAVE & IMPACT program have helped to deliver our art therapy program to participants dealing with negative body image issues and disordered eating. Thank you Lorna and the Save & Impact program!

For more information about the great work of Hope’s Eating Disorders Support, go to


Reduce Telecom Costs.

Reduce Merchant Services Fees.

Reduce Courier/Shipping Costs

Increase Your Profits!




Non-Profits Increase Contributions.

The audit process is simple and brings cash back to their clients and supports non profit organization of choice.

ADDITIONAL 10% of billed revenue donated to charity of choice by LGFgroup and you receive the tax receipt.

RESULT: Organizations save money, time, gain efficiencies…and support the charity of choice.

PROOF: Art Therapy courses at Hope’s Eating Disorders Support supported through LGFgroup’s Save and Impact Program.
(testimonial letter from Hopes Eating Disorders Support)

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