Supporting Professionals With Expertise, Critical Thinking & Entrepreneurial Philanthropy

Supporting Professionals With Expertise, Critical Thinking & Entrepreneurial Philanthropy

Lorna Gunning Fratschko, HBSc, MTS, MA

Lorna Gunning Fratschko

Lorna Gunning Fratschko is an expert at living life 360 to serve her community for the growth and prosperity of all. Her expertise has accumulated through a lifelong love of learning as shown by her academic achievements, business acumen, community accomplishments, and personal successes.

Lorna was raised on a dairy farm in Eastern Ontario where her “out of the box” entrepreneurial thinking was nurtured and encouraged. She quickly gained the strong work ethic she’s counted on while owning numerous businesses over the years and working in corporate environments where she has been recognized for achieving top sales executive status numerous times.

An Avid Creator…
Lorna’s academic accomplishments began with an Honours Science Home Economics degree. This learning built on her love of science and passion for creating. It solidified her design and creative skillset and Lorna became an accomplished seamstress and clothing designer.

Leading the Leaders…
Her Masters of Theology degree built on her love of faith and history, resulting in an in-depth understanding of current social, national, and global conditions. Her Masters of Arts degree combines all areas of her expertise. The interaction of science, faith, and history was explored through the lens of euthanasia, which was the topic of her thesis. The resultant dissertation, “The Euthanasia Debate: European Experience and Canadian Policy Proposals” has been read thousands of times worldwide since its publication in June 2016.

Lorna continues to develop her expertise in this very important area of social policy drawing on influences found in science, medicine, society, history, politics, and anthropology.

Working with Youth…
Lorna has taught confirmation classes and led many youth groups over the years. She has seen firsthand the changing societal expectations on youth, their evolving stresses, and the emergence of the power of social media. She has firsthand knowledge of, and experience with, the mental health issues which children and youth can face.

Her business, LGFgroup along with her Living 360 initiative, is the culmination of this lifetime of living, learning, creating, research, writing, teaching, and serving. Lorna uses the term “entrepreneurial philanthropy” as a way of describing her work ethic. She believes in being knowledgeable and knowing what you’re doing, in working hard and providing a good solid product, and in giving back to one’s community locally and globally.

Lorna gives back to her community and her clients…
Through Lorna’s Living 360 program, an ADDITIONAL 10% of her clients’ billed revenue can be directed to the charitable organization of their choice. Her clients can help improve lives, improve their bottom line, and receive a tax receipt!

Lorna is the proud mother of 3 daughters and became a “Grandma” for the first time in 2016.

• Masters of Theology degree from Huron University College.
• Masters of Arts from Huron University College.
• Honours Science Home Economics degree from Brescia University College.
• Member of Rotary Club of London South 24 years (President for 2017-2018).
• Served on numerous boards for nonprofit organizations in London since 1980.


This is entrepreneurial philanthropy in action! This is Living 360!


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